Yeho Hwang
Innovating with Integrity

Here's a little bit about me


Hi! I’m Yeho.

I’m a product designer who brings solutions to life with research, user- centric design methodologies, and front-end coding.


I love to create meaningful experiences that bridge gaps between customer needs and product experience to deliver human-centered design solutions.

I do this by:

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using principles of discovery

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establishing empathy

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storytelling findings

I fell in love with product and experience design because it gives me the opportunity to advocate for users through empathy and creativity. I am able to dissect the why's and how's of a user's experience and strategize better outcomes while continuously gaining feedback and idea validation.



Case Studies

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  • Mobile web app

  • User research, UX/UI design

  • March 2019 - Present



  • iOS app

  • User research, UX/UI design

  • August - December 2017


Inc. 5000

  • Data visualization

  • Interaction design, visual design

  • August 2018


More about me

Get to know a little more about me, my interests outside of product design, and where I’m from.

Hobbies & Interests

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Read one book every month to expand my knowledge.

I love learning about the diverse types of narratives and storytelling techniques that are born through different perspectives. The last book I read was Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil.

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Practice mindfulness and gratitude to stay introspective.

I love practicing mindfulness, and gratitude because it helps me stay focused on positive thoughts and actions. For physical exercise, I love to attend Flywheel classes and play golf with my family


Place of birth, cultural discovery, and more!

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Seoul, Republic of Korea

I was born in Seoul in 1995. Growing up in an up-and-coming cosmopolitan country was exciting, as I began to find my own interests. Art was one of the activities I loved participating in, as well as swimming. I began learning Mandarin Chinese in Korea before moving to Beijing in 2003.

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Beijing, China

After moving here in 2003, I learned how people of different countries and cultures communicated. This period in my life definitely pushed me to put both my and other people's experiences into perspective. When there is a language barrier, what can we do to empathize more deeply?

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Boston & New York

In 2006, my family and I landed in Boston, where I mainly grew up with interests in writing and studio art. I soon realized that storytelling was one of the main passions of mine, whether that is through journalism or design. With telling stories, there are multiple ways to love a passion.


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